How can you grow your revenue, strengthen your partnerships, and provide your clients the highest quality care?

UCM Digital Health’s virtual ER allows brokers to bring their health plan, TPA, and stop loss partners a valuable and unique population health management tool.

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By putting UCM’s virtual ER treat and triage model at the front of your plan designs you will reduce hospital, ER, urgent care, and office visit claims all while allowing your brand of virtual care to stand for quality.

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Data like you’ve never had it before: As a treat and triage system at the front of your plan designs we can send valuable alerts when important diagnoses or risk factors for expensive claims may be likely to occur.

  • ATA Accredited
  • Exclusive Salaried Emergency Trained Providers
  • Treat and Triage All Non-Life Threatening Illness/Injury
  • Cost Savings/ROI Analysis
  • Customized Pricing Models