Health Plans

UCM Digital Health helps partners create digital first plans that ensures member satisfaction and reduces cost.

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UCM’s digital first plans reduce hospital, ER, urgent care, and office visit claims while allowing each partner's brand of virtual care to stand for quality.

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Give your highest ER and Hospital utilizers such as Medicaid/Medicare populations, rural populations, and complex care populations a digital first plan to treat, triage, and navigate cost-effective care.

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Provide employer groups unique plan designs that allow them to offer predictably accessible, affordable, quality care.

  • URAC Accredited
  • 24/7 Salaried Emergency Medicine Providers
  • Intelligent Routing to Health Plan Provider Network
  • Full Platform & Data Integration
  • Real-time Care Gap Analysis
  • Value-based Pricing Models
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    100% Follow Up
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    98% Cases Resolved
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    99% Patient Satisfaction
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    60%+ Average Utilization