Counties and Local Governments


UCM’s Virtual ER brings counties and local governments a new innovative, technology-driven healthcare solution by combining virtual Emergency Medicine with EMS, 911 Dispatch, transportation and scheduling in order to alleviate ER over-utilization — drive patients to the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

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Providing quality emergency medical care while solving the national problem of overcrowding and over-utilization in emergency rooms.

Through the use of a virtual, live consultation, UCM’s Virtual ER team addresses non-life-threatening emergency medical conditions. With 24/7/365 availability, using the UCM Now app or on the phone, the UCM team uses live video chat and images to quickly and effectively treat thousands of patients each month, preventing ER over-utilization — the unnecessary, avoidable hospital emergency room visits and associated costs.

Government Officials: What can the Virtual ER do for Municipalities?

  • Hospital emergency rooms are overcrowded, expensive, and should be reserved for true emergencies. UCM emergency medical providers and the UCM care coordination team keep patients out of the emergency room by providing medical advice and reassurance, prescribing medications, and making referrals for additional treatment (laboratory testing, imaging studies, primary care appointment, specialty physician appointment etc.); all in the comfort of the patient’s home.
  • The Virtual ER brings local government social service agencies new healthcare solutions for difficult-to-treat patients living in congregate settings, such as public nursing homes and senior citizens facilities, group homes for people with disabilities, correctional programs, and homeless shelters.
  • The Virtual ER integrates with local 911 emergency call centers so that call takers can identify eligible patients who would benefit from the Virtual ER and connect the patient to the Virtual ER.
  • The Virtual ER works with local ambulance services to identify eligible patients when on-scene and connect them to the Virtual ER. Local ambulance services can also contract with UCM and tap new revenue streams by working with UCM telemedicine providers to provide additional on-scene assessment and treatment during the Virtual ER visit.

Benefits of the Virtual ER solution:

  • Lowered costs for Medicaid and other government-sponsored healthcare insurance programs
  • Integration with local 911 emergency call centers so that call takers can identify eligible patients
  • Partnerships with local ambulance services to identify eligible patients when on-scene and connect them to UCM’s Virtual ER.

What is Emergency Medicine Triage?

Virtual communications through a program that includes emergency medicine providers, certified emergency medical technicians, 911 dispatch, and patients for the purpose of triaging a patient’s level of severity and appropriate next steps of care when an acute medical problem arises. This can include assessment, diagnosis, referral and treatment.

NEWS: Rensselaer County, CDPHP and UCM Launched ER Anywhere in October 2019

CDPHP partnered with Rensselaer County and UCM Digital Health to create ER Anywhere in order to reduce health care costs and improve patient care by providing Medicaid members with an innovative alternative to the emergency room. Click here to read more about this Virtual ER.


  • CDPHP announces expansion of ER Anywhere to 17 counties during 2020
  • Additional insurers introducing UCM‘s Virtual ER to their insured populations


  • Better patient-centered care in the community means better health status.
  • When a patient arrives at the hospital having received quality pre-hospital care, the hospital is getting a patient who is in better condition than in the absence of that care.
  • A patient that arrives with less physical deterioration due to pre-hospital care should be less resource intensive to treat.
  • Better pre-hospital care should reduce hospital treatment costs, benefiting risk-bearing health insurers.