Self-Insured Employers

UCM Digital Health allows employers to transform healthcare by reducing healthcare claims cost while providing employees with a healthcare experience and satisfaction that is unparalleled.

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By putting UCM’s virtual ER treat and triage model at the front of your plan designs you will reduce hospital, ER, urgent care, and office visit claims all while allowing your brand of virtual care to stand for quality.

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Unparalleled employee satisfaction and utilization: Every employee is a patient to us and nothing is more personal than the doctor patient relationship.

  • ATA Accredited
  • Exclusive Salaried Emergency Trained Providers
  • Treat and Triage All Non-Life Threatening Illness/Injury
  • Cost Savings/ROI Analysis
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    100% Follow Up
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    98% Cases Resolved
  • Satisfaction Icon
    99% Patient Satisfaction
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    60%+ Average Utilization