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It is our mission to drive the highest quality acute healthcare and cost savings for our patients and partners. Our partners love to tell their story and how they are transforming healthcare in partnership with UCM Digital Health.

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    "From Belcam's standpoint, the United Concierge Medicine program has once again proved to be a very effective way to help control benefit costs while at the same time adding considerable value for our employees. Our 2016 medical benefits costs are actually below 2015 costs, primarily because by being able to offer Concierge coverage free of charge to any employee participating in Belcam's High Deductible insurance option, we were able to design an offering that was very attractive. Our high deductible option is actually the equivalent of the NYS Exchange Silver plan and with the enhanced coverage provided by your service, more than 50% of our employees are now enrolled in that high deductible plan. In addition to a 15% reduction in costs to the company, our employees are also seeing a 12% reduction in their costs for 2016. Needless to say in this day and age of continuing cost increases, this is a very significant savings. Also, one of our employees recently took advantage of your service while they were away over the holidays and came to us to let us know how very well they had been looked after. Comments included - short wait time for a return call; very courteous and professional service; and what impressed them the most was the follow up call from the physician a few days later to make sure that all was well."

    - Fran Wynnik, H.R. Manager, Belcam Inc.
  • "United Concierge Medicine has been working with MedAire to deliver medical teleconsultation services for over and year and a half. During the time working together, United Concierge CEO Keith Algozzine, and his staff of medical and non-medical personnel have been a pleasure to work with. United Concierge has from the beginning shown a willingness to meet our specific requirements in procedure, service delivery, training and customer experience. Their staff is innovative and responsive, and their doctors are professional and reliable. We work with thousands of medical providers globally, and United Concierge stands out as a company that is easy to work with and always helpful in adapting to change and ensuring that our vision of service is at the forefront. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions."

    - Jeffery Raimundo, Performance Manager, MedAire, International SOS company
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    "On a daily basis, the 1300 employees of Northern Rivers Family Services rave about the quality, customer service, and ease of using United Concierge Medicine. The feedback from front line staff to managers and supervisors has been fantastic. By using this unique benefit, our employees obtain quality care, save time by not having to go anywhere and save money on co-pays and deductibles. Also, the convenience of the benefit encourages employees to obtain care and treatment before medical issues grow to more serious levels. Lastly, the service availability on nights, weekends, holidays, and nontraditional hours provides peace of mind to our staff and their families. It is a good investment for our employees and our organization. We highly recommend this benefit to any company that is considering it."

    - William T. Gettman Jr, CEO Northern Rivers Family Services