Worker’s Comp

UCM Digital Health’s Virtual ER Worker's Compensation option provides rapid assessment, triage, and treatment for common workplace injuries saving time and money.

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Workers Comp Image

Employees Receive

  • Initial non-life threatening injury assessment
  • Appropriate first aid treatment protocols
  • Medication and/or Physical Therapy prescribed if needed
  • Medical documentation - Injury Report and Return To Work
  • Referral to specialist for ongoing care as needed

Employers Save By

    Reduce unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits
  • Our Consults never hit your plan's claim experience
    Appropriate utilization of services
  • Read direct care to faster and more effective settings
  • Order X-rays and labs
  • Prescribe Physical Therapy
    Reduce unnecessary time away from work
  • Our goal is to get employees back to work
  • Immediate access and reporting
  • Early diagnoses/faster recovery